Traditional Fine Printing

EmbossSouth Kensington Print offers you a range of high quality, hand-finished printing techniques that have been used for many years. You can make a real impression and bring designs to life with print that is truly three-dimensional. From die-stamping and blind embossing through to foil blocking you can literally feel the difference.

These techniques are a natural choice for fine quality logotypes, crests, symbols, coats of arms, invitation cards, letterheads and business cards.

Die stamping really works where there is fine detail in the design. The raised three-dimensional image brings your work to life. Die-stamping can also be used in combination with other fine print processes.

Blind embossing creates a subtle three dimensional image that can be felt as well as seen. In general, bolder type and larger designs can be embossed more deeply and heavier papers can achieve greater depth and detail.

Foil blocking offers a metallic finish over selected areas, creating something very special. You can select matt or gloss foils in gold, silver or other colours.

Our specialists at South Kensington Print will work with you to help you select the best method for your project and budget. To get started, call us today and discuss your needs.